Report: LSU was in negotiations with Jimbo Fisher

Nick Bromberg

Many LSU boosters wanted Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher to succeed Les Miles. And according to the Baton Rouge Advocate, the school was in talks with Fisher before it decided to keep Miles.

Per the Advocate, reps for Fisher and the school were in talks. The outlet cited four sources. But LSU apparently ended up having sticker shock when it looked at what a contract for Fisher could cost along with a $17 million buyout for Miles and his assistants.

Fisher makes $5 million per year and has a buyout of $5 million. He likely would have been given a multiyear contract paying him more than $5 million per season. A new coaching staff likely would have cost the school another $5 million.

The final price tag to part ways with Miles and hire Fisher was more than $30 million. The figure “shocked” Alexander and other officials. Some fought for the coach because of their relationship with him.

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The report also confirms LSU president F. King Alexander's remarks that the school's final decision to keep Miles came at a meeting during the Texas A&M game after the school made the initial decision to not fire the coach earlier in the week.

Alexander had said the school didn't want to spend so much money to change football coaches when there were budget issues at LSU and throughout Louisiana's government. Much of Miles' buyout would have been financed by donors, however there still would have been a significant public disconnect.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, a one-time Republican presidential candidate, also expressed support for keeping Miles. Per the Advocate, he "encouraged" those at LSU to not cut ties with the coach.

Miles, 62, has been at LSU for 11 seasons. Fisher was an assistant coach at LSU from 2000-2006 and succeeded Bobby Bowden at Florida State. He had reportedly told officials at FSU last week that he didn't have a desire to leave the school.

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